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Collaborative Law
This non-adversarial type of law can be a good way to find workable solutions for many problems.

Family Law
Our sensitive approach and practical advice will guide you towards an acceptable outcome.

We provide expert advice in relation to all areas of Irish Licensing Law.

Our expertise and skillful negotiation will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Our mediation services can often resolve family and/or commercial disputes without going to Court.

Medical Claims
We provide a comprehensive, caring and sympathetic service to help you obtain the financial compensation and answers you deserve.

Personal Injuries
We have extensive expertise in this area of law and have obtained awards for substantial compensation in numerous litigation cases.

Property Transactions
We specialise in property transactions in Dublin and the surrounding areas. We also assist clients relocating to Ireland from the UK.

Wills, Estate Administration, Probate
We offer guidance and support to ensure your family’s inheritance is protected now and in the future. Murphy McElligott Solicitors has been appointed to the legal panel for Sage Advocacy CLG.

20+ years

Practical solutions... proven results

Founded in 1999, we pride ourselves on our client friendly approach. We can offer professional advice on many areas of law. Our aim is always to focus on your particular requirements; helping you to develop strategies to achieve your goal.

3,000+ clients

It's professional advice... it's personal attention

We provide a complete range of legal and advisory services to private individuals, businesses and their families, and are dedicated to providing a personal and flexible service that is tailored to our client's individual requirements with a confident and considerate approach.

(The Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994 prohibits a Solicitor acting for a client in connection with any contentious business (not being in connection with proceedings seeking only to recover a debt or liquidated demand) on the basis that all or any part of the charges to the client are to be calculated as a specific percentage of a portion of any damages or other monies that may be or may become payable to the client. In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.